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Are you struggling with life's challenges; stress, anxiety, or lack of direction in life?
Do you feel overwhelmed with never ending bills and higher spending?
Are you looking to improve your health through changes to your diet?

If so, I can provide guidance to help you!

Hello! I am Max, a Life Guide that wants to help you in your life’s journey. Because of my professional background, I started my career working in technical roles for multinational technology companies before transitioning to leadership and management roles. Eventually, I realized that helping others made me feel fulfilled and gave me a sense of purpose. From an early age, people would come to me for advice on problems they were facing. This inspired me to help others in a more formal way.

I started studying and practicing meditation in my mid-twenties to deal with mental and physical challenges that I was facing. Since then, I incorporated meditation into my lifestyle and started my spiritual journey, which has helped me change my perspective on life.

I decided to start offering life guidance services because of the impact that the pandemic had on people’s mental wellness. Life guidance is a process in which people are guided on what they could do to resolve the challenges they are facing in their lives. My approach is not just about assisting people in achieving their goals but also about helping them find their inner wisdom and develop their own solutions.

Max Ortiz Aguilar

How I Can Help You...

Using a holistic approach, I prioritize mental health and wellness as the foundation for overall well-being. Through meditation practices, wisdom, practical principles, and spirituality, I aim to help you tap into your inner wisdom and simplify how you deal with challenges, make decisions, and create your reality.

I also provide guidance on financial and physical health, grounded in the core philosophy of prioritizing mental health. I can assist you in establishing beneficial practices and realistic approaches to achieve financial wellness, such as managing expenses, getting out of debt, building up savings, and making investments. Finally, I provide guidance on taking care of your physical health by sustaining a nutritious diet, engaging in routine physical activity, and practicing self-care.

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Quotes that Inspire me...

These quotes are a great source of inspiration and knowledge that may help you. They belong to people and fictional characters that have influenced how I live, mentor and guide others. You can read more inspirational quotes here.

Do YOU have a favourite quote that inspires you? If so, get in touch. I would love to know! 

Inner Wisdom Life Guidance