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Recommended Partners

As part of my recommendations after a life guidance session, I may suggest my clients reach out to one of my recommended partners. Depending on your needs, it may be beneficial to work with others that specialize in services related to the areas where I provide life guidance. 

On this page, you will find different individuals and businesses that I trust and recommend.

Whole Soul Healing

Rachel Cadrin, Founder


Hi! My name is Rachel, the founder of Whole Soul Healing.

I am deeply passionate about healing, movement, and connection. I am fascinated with how we function and why we are driven to do what we do.

This fascination led me into a life of continued education and study of a variety of healing modalities. I grew up in the dance studio and on the running track, and moving in those ways fed my soul in the most magical way.

When I was 16, I had my first of two knee surgeries and I had to give up the movement that I loved so much as I healed and recovered. During my recovery I found yoga and my life changed again.

I was drawn to yoga because it was a gentle way to move my body, and the more I practiced yoga the more I knew there was something deeper there, a healing I had not yet known. As I continued through life, I pursued an education in yoga which led to a Masters in Counseling Psychology and art therapy.

I find yoga, art, and counseling all support each other and all provide a beautiful space for sitting with, for healing, and for growth.

I offer Counseling and art therapy services as well as Ayurvedic coaching, yoga classes, yoga nidra, and meditation. I use elements of Dialectical Behavioral therapy, art therapy, CBT, person-centered therapy, and narrative therapy to offer support and assistance.

To ensure my clients’ needs are met, I stay flexible in my therapeutic approach and when needed I will incorporate other theories to best aid my clients on their healing journey. I use the power of Ayurveda to support my clients in living their most fulfilling life through finding the foods and spices that are in alignment with their needs.

Yoga, meditation and yoga nidra all aid in creating a calm and healthy body and mind.

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