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Improve your mental health with my holistic life guidance approach

Are you struggling with life's challenges; stress, anxiety, or lack of direction in life?

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Let’s start by first defining mental health as a state of our mind that influences how we think, feel and act on a daily basis. Our mental health will determine how we deal with life and the experiences that we go through, both good and challenging.

The natural state of our mind should be one of mental wellness. However, external factors could impact this state of well-being by changing our mental health to an altered state where we feel unwell and could develop mental illnesses. 

Some examples of common mental illnesses are: 

“The mind is everything”

– Buddha

It all starts with the mind...

One of my favorite quotes is: “The mind is everything” by Buddha. 

The more you understand and control your mind, the easier that you will be able to cope with life. How we think impacts our view of the world and shapes our reality. I believe that the most important thing one can have is good mental health. 

I believe that with good mental health, you can…

How I can help...

From the different areas that I can offer help with, mental health and wellness is the one that I am the most passionate about. Your state of mind, your mental health state, and your thoughts will influence your reality. Once you understand and start practicing this, you will realize how powerful you are and your life will transform.

My life guidance approach to help you improve your mental health is based on meditation, wisdom influenced by Buddhist and Stoic philosophy, and spirituality.

I believe that we all have “inner wisdom” that we can learn to access through meditation and self-development. Meditation will also help you to understand your mind and your thoughts better, and decide what to do with them.

Through wisdom we look at things from a higher perspective with experience, intuition, knowledge and virtues such as kindness, love and compassion.

Stoicism provides reason, logic and a practical way of looking at life by understanding and accepting what is and what is not under our control.

Spirituality focuses on loving and accepting yourself and, understanding that everything is one, everything is connected, seeing the divine in everything and realizing that there is something greater than us, guiding our life.

This combination will help you develop a life perspective that simplifies how to deal with challenges, have a better judgment for making decisions, deciding how to act instead of reacting to external factors. You will see yourself and others with kindness, love and compassion. You will be in touch with your inner wisdom, realize your true potential and become the creator of your own reality; the author of your own story called life.

Change begins by taking action...

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